MALÅ Easy Locator HDR

The easy-to-use, industry-leading GPR utility locator for locating and detection.

MALÅ Easy Locator HDR (EL HDR) builds on its industry-leading reputation as a utility locator based on speed, ease-of-use, and data delivery. It is the standard utility locator of choice for utility detection.

MALÅ EL HDR utility locator offers one of the most cost-effective ways of utility locating with precise and reliable information about the location and depth of buried objects such as pipes, cables, and other utilities.

In its latest form, the utility locator is faster, more powerful and even easier to use, thanks to a simplified user interface. The all-in-one unit is ruggedly constructed and easy to transport.

No other utility locator offers this level of capability and data clarity at such competitive price levels for utility detection.


  • Outstanding data quality for utility locating
  • Easy-to-use foldable all-in-one utility locator
  • A quick startup within minutes
  • Fast data acquisition for utility locating
  • Exceptional utility locator capabilities
  • Results directly on-site
  • Rough Terrain Cart (RTC)
  • Screen capture & DGPS option
  • Extra battery options